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The rotten or damaged Discovery body is removed leaving the rolling chassis and the bulkhead, dashboard and seats all undisturbed. Apart from repositioning the battery it remains driveable throughout the conversion.

The new Sahara body and roll cage bolts onto the original chassis mountings, making a very rigid structure. The front section pivots from the existing Discovery chassis bumper mountings.

Full details of this straightforward conversion are provided in the Sahara assembly manual.

This simple conversion says goodbye to those rotten sills, rear floor, wheel arches and mouldy doors and combines the best of both worlds with a virtually rot proof solid body complete with superb running gear of the Discovery.

With recent over complicated and unreliable soft roaders on the market, the NCF Sahara is the way forward to owning a reliable and uncomplicated proper off roader. As well as offering off road style and comfort, in everyday use the Sahara is a durable, safe and versatile vehicle, capable of carrying, towing and off roading. With cheap readily available spares, your Sahara will become a serviceable vehicle for many years to come.