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Registration of the Sahara is simple as it retains the original unmodified Discovery chassis and running gear.

It is important that an appointment is made with your Local Vehicle Licensing office (LVLO) to arrange an inspection of your completed Sahara to ensure your chassis and engine number correspond to your Logbook. Following inspection, the LVLO will then change your vehicle identity, but you will retain your original registration plate and you will receive a new logbook from DVLA. The Sahara can then be taken for a standard MOT. Insurance is best obtained from a specialist broker for converted vehicles and often the Sahara will be less to insure than the donor. Over the years, NCF Motors has built up an excellent relationship with insurance companies and can therefore recommend contacting Adrian Flux Tel: 0800 505 3000

The following parts may be required which do not come from the donor Discovery:

   Defender front and rear plastic wheel arches

  Defender Front Grille

  Front and Rear Lights

  Defender Plastic headlamp surrounds

  Plastic windows for doors

  Bonnet catches

 Two gas rams for front end

  Defender door mirrors

  Air Filter

  Smaller washer bottle

  Wheels & tyres (Donors can be used)

  Bucket seats (Donors can be used)

None of the above are supplied with the Sahara, but can be easily obtained new or from a breakers.

FourWD Engineering welcomes the viewing of the NCF Sahara, and the discussion of any personal requirements. Please telephone for an appointment.