Opening up the forum to all NCF kits

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Should the forum be opened up to all NCF kit vehicles ?

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Opening up the forum to all NCF kits

Postby simeon » Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:53 pm

After having a rummage around on the internet, I discovered that there appear to be no forums for any of the other NCF kits, past or present. I was chatting to Nick about this, and we came to the conclusion that it might be a good idea to open the forum to all, and for it to be the NCF owners forum (we could still have a Sahara owners club).

The format i propose is to keep the general forums on the main page, but have a seperate sub-forum for each model to allow owners to arrange meets, events, etc., to discuss model specific topics and to set up their own owners club if they wish.

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Re: Opening up the forum to all NCF kits

Postby default_user » Fri Dec 31, 2010 1:00 pm

I've just joined the forum and so far seem to be the only non-Sahara owning member. As my kit, the Road Rat is pretty rare, I don't expect that setting up an owners section would be of any real use. As NCF have produced a diverse range of kits over the years, many in small numbers, it might be appropriate to set up something like an "Older NCF Kits" section for people like myself. I know there are still a few Torinos out there still in use (a development of the Road Rat) and there are probably loads of Diamond owners as these were produced in various guises for a number of years and were quite popular.

On a side note, I'm quite surprised no Blitz owners have joined. I'm sure Nick sold loads of these.
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