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PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:23 pm
by sahara_admin
The forum has just a few simple rules:

1) No offensive or threatening language.
2) No offensive images.
3) No spamming or advertising of goods or services (the moderators may approve genuine advertising).

There are three viewing levels for the forum:

1) Guests can view the public section and parts of the members section, but cannot post.
2) Members can view and post in both the public and members section.
3) Owners can view and post in the public, members and owners club sections.

For members to attain owner status, it will be nessacery to go to the user control panel, select the usergroup tab, then select the 'Owners' group, select 'join group' from the dropdown box then click select. Once verified as an owner, you will be given access.

The site admin hope you will find this forum useful, informative and enjoyable.

Thanks, The SAHARA Owners Club forum team.