Winches and Winch Bars

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Winches and Winch Bars

Postby AUS Sahara » Sun Jan 22, 2012 1:35 am

Hi All,

As my Sahara is being build up to be used in Club events I intend to install a Winch and Winch Bar - my current winch is a Warn Hi Mount 8274 which that has been recently rebuild using some of the Gigglepin trick parts and a 6.5hp winch motor.

I was originally looking a running it as a mid mount (mounted just behind the cab like an IBEX) so I can use the same winch for forward and backward pulls, this may be done later.

Now I am looking a either building a winch box to fit between the chassis at the front and moving the pivot point for the bonnet out to outside the chassis, so looking for inspiration!

So what have you all done?

AUS Sahara
AUS Sahara
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Re: Winches and Winch Bars

Postby Damian.b » Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:31 pm

I think Nick put a mount just in front of the front crossmember on his , as i think he may have a Warn 8274 on his. He cut a hole in the grill so bonnet assembly is still standard.
I cut off the front bumper assy and put a fixed winch bumper on, then made some nwe brackets on the bumper and used Triumph Spitfire bonnet hinges. My winch is a Warn Low line model so it clears the grill.
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