Chassis/bodywork protection

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Chassis/bodywork protection

Postby terrainvehicles » Fri Jun 24, 2011 11:31 pm

i was wondering how those who have completed the sahara protected the bodywork and chassis from rust?
i got a really tidy disco 1 which we had known (as a customers car) for 6 years and it had always flown through the MOT's, however upon digging around a bit i found all the bits i needed were rust held together with weld. its now having a nice un-corroded disco 2 bulkhead and floors instead, but after seeing some of the pre-MOT jobs which consisted of spending hours looking for a bit off metal to weld on around the gaping hole in the chassis, i am stripping it down to the chassis and getting it shot blasted and galvanized then painting it black.
do those who have done it as basic/quickly as possible find they have a lot of welding to do to keep it running?
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Re: Chassis/bodywork protection

Postby simeon » Sat Jun 25, 2011 11:34 am

I already owned my donor (1990 Disco 1), so knew what I was in for. The chassis was immaculate, requiring no welding (still doesn't), but the body was shot. I was lucky in that the bulkhead and floor only required superficial repairs, which were carried out during the build.

I ran on quite a tight window for the build (4 months), so didn't really do anything to the chassis other than attend to a few patches of surface rust. If the budget/time would have allowed, I would (should) have had the chassis galvanised.
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